Frank’s Story-my life began to change when I got a call from my brother Jimmy


Frank’s Story-my life began to change when I got a call from my brother Jimmy

I am Frank Williams, I have been in recovery since 11-25-12.

Living in Arizona, feeling hopeless and seeing no way out of my addiction, my life began to change when I got a call from my brother Jimmy. We had been separated since I was three years old. My brother was in recovery and he offered me the opportunity to move to Oregon and start a brand new way of life.

I moved from Arizona on 11-25-12 and began my new life. My life style has been enhanced by becoming part of my community. I am a role model and do things that make my community better.

I am very excited to serve on the planning committee for the Hands Across the Bridge event and being an active part of a few other programs that help me in my recovery.

Family means so much to me, being in recovery is affording me the ability to reconnect with my family. I have a daughter that lives in Montana that I am reconciling with, along with several brothers and sisters I am getting to know.

I have an excellent support system for my recovery; contingent my being a responsible and an active and productive member of my society. When I was using I was selfish. I didn’t realize how much damage I was doing myself, my family and my community.

I am still on damage control; making amends where and when I can. I am luckily to have an excellent role model in my brother Jimmy. He shows me the way, being fairly new in my recovery I need that guidance. I need help with repairing the damage I have done; it is pretty much guess work on how to repair that damage without help from another. I just keep doing the things suggested to me; I am told that if I follow the directions, I will be okay.

I am optimistic about this year’s “Hands Across the Bridge Event.” I was not sure what it was when I first got involved and now I stay for what it is. Through this committee, I have purpose above and beyond myself giving back to the community.

Frank Williams


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