Joey shares how following the suggestions worked for him


Joey shares how following the suggestions worked for him

Hello, my name is Joey, I am grateful to have found recovery from the disease of addiction. I have not had to use any mood or mind-altering substances since 11/15/2011.

Deep in the disease of addiction, I tried to manage my using and could not stay out of jail. I continued going to jail until November 2011.

I can honestly say I was that addict that had no desire to change unless there was extreme ultimatum to pay. It happened to be that I was looking at three years in jail if I did not change my ways and get clean.

I checked myself into a transitional house, showing up to 12-Step meetings, finding a guide to help me learn about a new way of life and learning how to take the suggestions of someone who came before me.

By taking those suggestions and working the steps of that 12-Step Program, I got in touch with a Higher Power and completed with what the courts had asked me to do.

Days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months, months turned into a year, and I just keep living the steps to the best of my ability one day at a time.

Today, I can truly say now I am a respectable and honest friend, a good son, and brother to all of those who know me. I do my best to be a man of integrity by working and living the guiding principles of my 12-step program to the best of my ability.

The Twelve Steps worked for me-they might work for you; give it a try! Just follow the directions and get honest about your addiction. The disease of addiction defies detection and resists all efforts at recovery; our defense as addicts is the twelve steps of any of the anonymous programs you feel most comfortable in.

Thank you for your time. I am grateful I could share how recovery has worked for me with you.


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