Lisa’s Story – College Grad!


Lisa’s Story – College Grad!

My name is Lisa. I am in long term recovery, which means I have not used any mind altering substances since, October 22, 2007. I lived with my addiction for nearly 30 years, and was homeless for the last five years of my addiction.

The hopeless and uselessness that I felt toward the end of my addiction was beyond belief. My family was no longer there, and the friends that I had at the time were just like me, homeless and addicted.  I finally got to that point where something had to change. I knew I had to stop using and drinking, but did not know how. So, I signed up for treatment through DSHS (ADASTA) and stayed in the shelter system as well.

I am one of the fortunate ones. I got into treatment and graduated Lifeline Treatment five years ago.  Lifeline was an instrumental part of my recovery from substance abuse. While there I learned that life has meaning, and I can deal with things as they happen instead of using and drinking.  The counselors in Lifeline really care and show their clients another way of life.

I am here to tell you that “Now more than ever” is the time to invest in treatment for people just like me.

Here are some of the accomplishments I have been able to achieve because there were services in place for me.

Almost three years have gone by and the wonders of recovery just seem to keep coming. Today I live in my own apartment and I just graduated college this June 2013 with my CDAC and have been hired by the treatment center where I did my internship.

The last two years of schooling have been paid for by scholarships, which I never thought would happen. After all, I have abused substances in the past, and could not see anyone taking a chance with me. I was totally taken by surprise when I actually won.

There are many opportunities for me today such as volunteering with Hands Across the Bridge and other activities with my club at school.

I’ve been to Olympia with the Recovery Rocks Rally and spoke with two state legislatures on not cutting vital funding for people that are still struggling with addiction.  “Now more than ever” it is time to keep what service we have.

Life is a blessing and I am rewarded daily through everything I am involved in. My family is once again part of my life, along with my children and grandchildren.  I have an awesome support group through school and friends in the recovering community.

My life today has meaning and love. I continue to be amazed each day and could not ask for more. I feel truly blessed beyond belief.

Please “Now more than ever” continue to invest in the future—keep the resources we have in place for people just like me. “Now more than ever” let’s tell the world the good news, Treatment works and recovery is real!

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