Paula’s Story : From the gift of desperation-to following her dreams”


Paula’s Story : From the gift of desperation-to following her dreams”

My name is Paula and I am in long term recovery from addiction. I have been free from any kind of substance since 4/22/06.

My addiction took me from being a successful business owner, mother and daughter to homelessness, jail and prison.

But that is where my story begins…..I was offered drug treatment and I accepted. The gift I was given was one of desperation, I could not live the way I was living anymore. I felt I was just one more high away from death. Spiritually I had been dead for a while. I completed a 6 month in patient drug treatment program and a year out patient. My life has changed!

I now am involved in a 12 step program, mentor women and am involved with service in my 12 step program, and in the community that I live in.

Where once I took everything and anything that I could from the community I now give back. I am gainfully employed and have been for over 6 and ½ years. I was recently offered a job out of state and I accepted and moved to Arizona where I manage 150 apartments. The best part of the story is Portland was not kicking me out, they were sad to see me go.

I have overcome many barriers that the disease of addiction brought to my life. Recovery has given me a new way to live and a new way to look at life. I am so grateful for the people who have come before me and showed me that the lie is dead…once an addict always an addict is no longer valid. There is a different way!!! My hope is that I am that shining light for those who have not found their way yet.

Now I can say: I am a good mother, I am a contributing member in my community, I am a good friend and a better human being than I ever was.

From the gift of desperation to a life better than I could have ever imagined! I am grateful! I am the face of recovery!

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