Yvette shares her story of recovery from a seemingly devastated life


Yvette shares her story of recovery from a seemingly devastated life

Hi. My name is Yvette and I am a person in long-term recovery. Which means I haven’t used any drugs of alcohol in more that seven years.

Growing up, I was the only child at home; adopted into a home where the parents were old enough to be my grandparents. They were also very strict with their religion and their methods of sharing their beliefs with me made it difficult to find my own Higher Power when I began seeking recovery.

However, at this time in my life I thank God for my 12-Step Program and I thank my 12-Step Program for my God.

My adopted mom passed away when I was about 12yrs old and my adopted father didn’t know how to handle me, I was out on my own when I was 12 years old. I began drinking; doing any kind of drug put in front of me.

My life, which was bad already, was going to become worse!! At age fourteen, I met a guy and thought he loved me because he told me so and it just had to be true!! We got together and continued the party life. We lived in condemned houses with no electricity and no water.

I got pregnant at 18 and throughout the years we were together, we had three children. When I got introduced to smoking cocaine; I was truly in love. I couldn’t keep myself or my children safe from this man; I called social services and watched the police drive away with my 3 children in their car.

My logic told me someone could take better care of them right now and until I got my life together this was best. The night before the police drove away with my children, that man  found out where we were staying and tried to kill me by strangling me and shooting out the windows.

I finally got away from him; as the years past, I got pregnant again. This time I was using cocaine and drinking while I was pregnant. I couldn’t stop until finally I got put in jail and remained clean through the prison system. I was sent to the women’s prison in Salem and had enough clean time and saved my baby. Released from prison I had my baby.

Not too long after that, I began party and celebrate what a good mom I was being…. I started the whole ugly addiction again, with cocaine and alcohol; everything else that was available.

I met a family that stepped up, taking care of him and became his Godparents.

After a couple months of “rippin and roarin,” someone set up a date for me and it was my saving grace. I now believe that my God puts people in my life when I need them; I met my soul mate for life.

We went thru some rough years, a lot of addiction too on both our parts. We had had a daughter; all of the kids were grown up or in foster care. We were getting older and it just wasn’t working anymore!! I had graduated to crystal meth and it was not working. No matter how much I smoked, I couldn’t get enough energy to get up and start moving around. I began sneaking behind his back and started shooting up.

He was devastated I was devastated; I was at a point in my life where I would pray to either get high or die. My self esteem issues were so bad!!!!

I didn’t have anything to give to anyone, my hopes and dreams were shattered and all I wanted to do was be able to live my life and be a good mom and wife. Once again, if I didn’t get help, I was going to die.

I got into trouble again and the district attorney wanted to send me back to prison but my lawyer argued and talked. He spoke to the judge just trying to get me into treatment. “Someone” was looking out for me that day and must have spoken with that judge. He gave me another chance at life. A life like I have never known!!!!! A clean and glorious life.

My new life includes Hands Across the Bridge. Each year since I have been in recovery, I look forward to going, so does Steve and my daughter, Karen who is now 15 years old has gone every year with us.

We get to see such a HUGE multitude of people that are in recovery each year when we join hands across that bridge, I cry at such a truly wonderful and free feeling!!!

It took some work to get to where I am today, but I have a special relationship with each and every one of my children. I’m still with my soul mate, Steve and we have been together for 21 years last May. We have had custody of our youngest for the past 6 years.

I have never lived such a full and wonderful, clean an serene life! Even when things get kind of  crazy in my head, I know that I will get through with the help of my support group, my sponsor,  working the steps and giving of myself to another human being when they are in need of help!!!

Service work has really saved my butt quite a few times!!! I just celebrated my 7th year of recovery. Thank You for letting me share a bit of my story with you!!! I’m a woman in long term recovery named Yvette.


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