Event Updates SEPT 3RD, 2021 ~ EVENT UPDATE


Due to the rapid increase in COVID cases and the concerns for the delta variant, our board has struggled with weighing the need to be responsible for the health and safety of our participants and volunteers and the need for connection and resources that come with our yearly event.

It is with much heartbreak that we have decided to modify this year’s event. Given the limited space and inability to social distance on the Oregon side of the bridge we have made the tough decision to cancel the event that takes place in Jantzen Beach and host both Oregon and Washington side speakers at Esther Short Park.

Please ensure you are following CDC guidelines when attending this year’s event, practice social distancing and it is strongly encouraged that you wear a mask. Please do not come if you have any symptoms of an illness or if you have possibly been exposed to anyone who has COVID symptoms. For the ability to obtain future permits and to continue with our event we need to ensure that we are upholding these guidelines.

We will unfortunately, be unable to have a bridge walk this year. We could not gain the permits necessary to do this and given the tight spaces on the bridge it would be irresponsible of us to put so many people in such a tight space with the quickly spreading delta variant. Our recovery community is in desperate need of resources and support, but as an organization that looks to build leaders in the recovery community, we need to be examples ourselves, and ensure we are following laws and guidelines, especially ones that are looking to protect the health and safety of those around us.

Thank you for your understanding in the modifications of this year’s event. It was not an easy decision to make. COVID has increased mental health struggles, relapse rates, and overdose rates and we believe it is our responsibility to connect our recovery community to life saving resources during this unprecedented time. We are planning to host many recovery related resource booths at Esther Short Park including an on site vaccination booth and Hepatitis C screening and referral to medication services. We look forward to seeing you all on Labor Day.

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