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In Loving Memory of

Our Founders

Louise Wedge
Patty Katz
07/14/2021 ~ 06/27/2021

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Hands Across the Bridge

Mission Statement

Our mission is to build leadership in the recovery community by inspiring people to challenge the stigma of addiction by speaking out on recovery related issues.

Hands Across the Bridge is a Non-Profit Organization that builds leaders and advocates for the recovery community. In our fight against the stigma of addiction, we will give a voice to people that they may speak out on recovery related issues and share their stories. We will bring together those most affected by the disease of addiction, people in recovery, and their families for the annual event called Hands Across the Bridge.

Board Members

We Build Hope

Hands Across the Bridge Chair, Tabby Stokes
Tabby Stokes
Alizz Quarles
Vice Chair
Sarah Frank
Hands Across the Bridge Board Member Seth Backer
Seth Backer
Board Member
Hands Across the Bridge Board Member Thomas Breitenbauch
Thomas Breitenbauch
Compliance Officer
Hands Across the Bridge Board Member Phil Towne
Phil Towne
Hands Across the Bridge Board Member, Cynthia Hannan
Cynthia Hannan
Board Member
Hands Across the Bridge Board Member Karla Rivera Salgado
Karla Rivera-Salgado
Board Member
Where to find us

Hands Across the Bridge

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